Tuesday, December 1 is Giving Tuesday, a day to give thanks and support the ministries of the Sylvania Franciscans.

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Because of you, Sylvania Franciscans can do so much good.

Tuesday, December 1, is “Giving Tuesday,” which is a national day of giving thanks to support charity work that is important to you.

You may know Sylvania Franciscans for their ministries in education, health care, social services, pastoral care, counseling and aid to victims of domestic violence. You may simply know a Sylvania Franciscan as a friend.

Please remember the Sylvania Franciscan Sisters on Giving Tuesday, December 1. Every tax-deductible dollar you donate will be matched by two generous Giving Tuesday donors.

Use the facts and figures below for inspiration when making your charitable donation to the Sisters for GivingTuesday!

Peace and All Good

$ Any

Any contribution you make assists the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania in their ministries to embrace the poor and the marginalized, reverence human dignity and be messengers of peace.

Starting Point


On December 8, 1916, 23 Rochester Minnesota Franciscan Sisters officially started an entirely new congregation of women religious.

Age is Just a Number


Time flies when you are having fun: the median age of Sylvania Franciscans is 79!

Anniversary Gift


Give $1 per year for the Sisters’ joyful servanthood since their founding in 1916.

Celebrate Your Catholic Teachers


Sylvania Franciscans staffed 125 Catholic Schools across 13 states.

Care for Creation


Give a dollar for every pine tree Mother Adelaide planted in the 1920’s.

Be a Messenger of Peace


524 women made final profession in the Sylvania Franciscan community and became dedicated messengers of peace among all of God’s people.

Make History


In 1916, Mother Adelaide came with 23 Franciscan Sisters from Rochester, MN to found a new Motherhouse in Sylvania and help educate the children of Polish immigrants. A century later the ministries of the Sylvania Franciscans continue to change lives.

Raise the Chapel Roof


There are more than 10,300 tiles on the ceiling of Queen of Peace Chapel, each one hand-stenciled in 1960 by every available Sister – from the youngest to the oldest – in order to meet construction deadlines. To this day, Queen of Peace Chapel is considered the crown jewel of the Motherhouse grounds and offers an open daily Mass.