Concerned about the living situation of many of our sisters and brothers around the world.


2012-2016 Peacemaking Initiative: We the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, will focus, both personally and communally, on study, reflection and action regarding the Franciscan call to peacemaking, care for the Earth and concern for the poor, in light of our Franciscan Values.

As Franciscan peacemakers, as people concerned about the living situation of many of our sisters and brothers around the world, as supporters of the Earth Charter, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH are concerned about the emphasis on weapons, military systems, and the cost of maintaining and expanding them.

The Sisters of Francis ask that you take time daily to bow your heads with them, with your family, with friends and with strangers worldwide to this prayer for the people of Ukraine.

A Prayer for the People of Ukraine

Good and Gracious God, we come to You at this time asking for protection for all the people of Ukraine. They suffer; they live in fear; and they desperately want a free and independent country. Families have been ruptured by the need to protect the very old and the very young from the mindless violence caused by an evil quest for power.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, you called the children to yourself and so we ask that you give special protection to the children of Ukraine. They are innocent and have little understanding of why they are not in their homes or schools. Until they are once again safe in the embrace of their fathers and grandfathers, brothers and uncles, wrap them in the warmth of your mercy.

Holy Spirit Consoler, be with all the victims of this conflict and strengthen the resolve of those whose cause is just. Inspire people of goodwill throughout the world to work toward preserving freedom and independence everywhere. Amen.

By Sister Nora Klewicki








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