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Living in community as vowed religious according to the spirit and example of Francis of Assisi.

St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio reminds us of Francis as a peacemaker.

Called like Francis of Assisi to live the Gospel in joyful servanthood among all people, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, as messengers of peace, commit themselves to works that reverence human dignity, embrace the poor and marginalized, and respect the gift of all creation.

Mission Statement of the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania

The Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio are Third Order Regular Franciscans, living in community as vowed religious according to the spirit and example of Francis of Assisi. As women of peace and seekers of justice, we are committed to serving God’s people through diverse ministries in ten Dioceses in seven states.

With the broader Franciscan family, we acknowledge that God is to be found in our relationships with one another and our witness to the Gospel is expressed in these relationships. Regardless of our specific ministry, our lives share a common thread – the desire to live the Gospel.

The Franciscan Way of Life is founded upon four fundamental values:

  • to live life in the context of conversion, a life-long journey of turning to God;
  • to acknowledge that all is a gift and to embrace a life of simplicity guided by a spirit of poverty;
  • to approach life from a reflective stance that flows from prayer and contemplation; and
  • to recognize that we are called to be of service to one another which means that our relationships with others are characterized by a spirit of minority.

These are the values that guide our pilgrimage. These are the values that speak to our heart. These are the values that make known to us the presence of Christ who accompanies us on the journey.

For the Rule and Life of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis, click here.

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