For a Happier New Year

An Epiphany
January 6, 2022
Loving a Mentor
February 4, 2022
An Epiphany
January 6, 2022
Loving a Mentor
February 4, 2022

By Sister Rosine Sobczak, OSF 

Dear Friends,

This Is my Reflection as we begin 2022. Our poor country, our world  and our Earth are in disarray.

Racial tension, women’s rights, climate change catastrophes, inflation, migrants searching for a better life, consumerism plus others are causing concern. We are in a time of the GREAT UNRAVELING and it will not end soon until we humans wake up and see these things for what they are and begin to take steps (even small ones) to mitigate them.

If each of us takes an active step forward, millions of people could be helped! How do we do these things without losing our own balance?  The answer is:

DIG DEEPER and search for truth in the depths of ourselves! Take time to quiet ourselves, reflect and listen to what we hear. We are called to see with “new eyes” and live our lives with greater compassion for all life. It is our call to be compassionate flesh and blood humans instead of being replaced by robots that have great technical skills but lack the warmth of living beings. DIG DEEPER where the Spirit expresses wisdom!  Will we be accepting of people of color and migrants, for example, or even extraterrestrial in the near future? Take note of all the UFO sightings lately and discussions about them in all our media.  Are we being prepared for the next phase of life on our planet?  Is the GREAT UNRAVELING of this time leading us to the NEW AWAKENING to come? May we all DIG DEEPER to ponder these possibilities, use our creativity, and work to make a future full of HOPE!

We may find ourselves living differently, but is it worth the effort?  (One less straw at a restaurant could save one fish from choking when it is thrown into the river.)

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Sr. Jordan
2 years ago

Thanks Sr. Rosine! Truth is most often found in digging deeper. Thank you for your powerful message. Day by day, we will try to dig deeper and hear what we must do.

Mary Campbell
2 years ago

Good reflection, Sr Rosine. Yes we must dig deeper!!!! And we must ask God to help us dig deeper to know what he wants us to do. I believe he will. We must trust and DO whatever we are told to do.

Sister Mary Thill
2 years ago

I love your message about digging deeper.
I hope to meet some aliens in heaven when I get there.
Not sure if I’ve met any here yet…seriously!

Sister Kateri Theriault
2 years ago

Thank you, Sr. Rosine! As always you ask so little of us, but what you ask is profound. Just one little straw can lead to greater and greater awareness of all the little things we can do to make our environment better.

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