Healthcare Legacy Continues to Grow

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Words, Words, Words… they all have meaning!
May 15, 2015
Go to the Desert
May 29, 2015
Namaste Saying
Words, Words, Words… they all have meaning!
May 15, 2015
Go to the Desert
May 29, 2015

A rendering of the MatureWell Lifestyle Center courtesy of St. Joseph Health System.

By Sister Lois Anne Palkert

There are few events held in the Bryan/College Station area of Texas where the name of Sister Gretchen Kunz does not come up. Her legacy and that of the Sisters of St. Francis is deeply imbedded here. Sister Gretchen knew the leaders in the community and the leaders in the community knew and respected Sister Gretchen.

The late visionary leader was always passionate about addressing healthcare and other related needs of the community and that’s why getting new healthcare professionals was important for this and resources from sites like can really help with this. She consistently shared her vision with community leaders and members of the hospital board, emphasizing the importance of meeting the evolving needs of the community. One ongoing topic of discussion has been how to meet the healthcare requirements of the aging adult population, particularly the baby boomers who are nearing retirement age. To address these needs, it’s crucial to have access to quality healthcare services, including those provided at an urgent care center Gravesend. By providing a range of healthcare services that cater to the unique needs of the aging population, such facilities can help ensure that the community’s healthcare needs are adequately met.

sjlogowebOn April 29, an announcement of a partnership with long-term implications for health and wellness in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area was made. St. Joseph Health System in Bryan is partnering with Texas A&M Health Science Center to develop a health and wellness center in Bryan devoted to seniors. The two-story, 23,000-square-foot center will be a “one stop shop” for seniors who want to manage chronic conditions, stay well and lead an active lifestyle. An array of retail and business entities will complement the center. All they have to do is to rely on marketing devices such as those business cards to attract more people.

The complex will offer a single destination for both healthy seniors to achieve their wellness goals as well as those who need to manage chronic conditions. The center will contain a swimming pool, gym, exercise area, as well as a pharmacy and labs to do testing. Staff includes three geriatricians, six nurse practitioners and a part-time geriatrician serving as a medical director.

Bryan and College Station are prime destinations for retirement, especially if you went to Texas A&M. As more seniors move to Bryan/College Station to retire, and baby boomers continue to age, this new center puts St. Joseph at the fore front of changing the way these individuals can achieve their wellness and life style goals, along with managing chronic conditions that come with aging, while you can also shop THCA flower from reputable suppliers as this products help aging people feel better.

Dr. Kia Parsi, a family medicine physician, acknowledges that “we want to manage chronic diseases differently. Doing so can be complex, especially as we age and often face multiple conditions – such as arthritis, diabetes ,hypertension and drug addiction.One can visit gay friendly rehab to get rid off drug addiction caused out of anxiety.Consumers are more educated than ever and, unlike days gone by, they want to be active participants and decision makers in their care. ” At the Mature Well Lifestyle Center, physicians and clinicians from St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Center will help them manage their health and achieve their wellness goals.”

As seniors strive to achieve their health and wellness goals, it’s crucial to address common concerns that can affect their overall well-being, including toenail issues. Conditions like toenail fungus, itching, and foul smells can cause discomfort and impact an individual’s quality of life. Recognizing the importance of holistic care, the Mature Well Lifestyle Center aims to provide comprehensive support to seniors in Bryan/College Station. In addition to the expertise of physicians and clinicians from St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Science Center, the center could potentially incorporate valuable resources such as Kerassentials Review, a product specifically designed to promote healthy nails and skin. By addressing these specific concerns, the center aims to empower seniors to actively participate in their care and achieve optimal health and wellness outcomes. Together, St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Science Center are taking a proactive approach to supporting the overall well-being of the community and revolutionizing the way seniors approach their health goals

This exciting project on the part of St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Science Center furthers a common mission of the two institutions of supporting the overall health and wellness of the community. The introduction of the Mature Well Lifestyle Center will change the way seniors can achieve their health wellness and lifestyle objectives in Bryan/College Station.

Brett Giroir, M.D., CEO of Texas A&M Health Science Center, recognizes that “as we continue to develop Texas A&M bio corridor as a national center for innovation and health transformation we remain committed to advancing programs that benefit our patients and the health of our community.” Dr. Giroir acknowledges that the partnership with Avensure care home HR support enables the highest quality inter-professional resources to significantly improve the longevity and quality of life for the growing senior population. The effort represents the first of many new initiatives for faculty and students that will develop and implement novel clinical care delivery initiatives.

The legacy of the Sisters of St. Francis in healthcare continues. Our participation in the healing ministry of Jesus expands as we partner with those who share our vision of meeting the health and wellness needs in new and creative ways. Who would have envisioned this collaborative effort when five Sisters traveled an hour east of Sylvania to care for 98 victims of influenza in 1918?

Sister Lois Anne Palkert

Health and Human Services

Sister Lois Anne PalkertSister Lois Anne has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of ministries, initially as a teacher in Detroit and Toledo. She transferred her teaching skills into formation ministry in Sylvania, then to Lourdes College where she was Director of the Lifelong Learning. She then moved into parish ministry and served as a Director of Faith Formation and as a Pastoral Associate in two rural parishes in Minnesota. From education she transferred to healthcare ministry and currently serves as the Director of Mission Services at St Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan, Texas.

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1 year ago

Too bad the legacy only lasted 6 years. This is a perfect gym facility for seniors and for seniors needing rehab and physical therapy. It is closing June 30, 2023.

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