Journey of Gratitude
June 24, 2022
Journeying Together to God
July 7, 2022

This year the Sisters held a special event preceding Jubilee called “Jubilation.” Besides the opportunity to be home and enjoy community, Jubilation was the time when each Sister received the revised Rule as well as the new congregational symbol.

Sister Julie receives her revised Covenant from Sister Nancy.

The Sisters’ Rule, or COVENANT WITH THE LORD JESUS, has been in effect since 1930 and has been revised now for only the seventh time.  The Vatican approved the revised rule on March 25, 2022, which had been in process for over a year.

The Sisters wear a silver community crucifix, a gold ring, and now a new symbol.  The Coat of Arms symbol has been worn since 1986 but isn’t available anymore (you would recognize that as the triangular-shaped symbol), so Sister-artists designed a uniquely Sylvania Franciscan symbol which the Sisters approved last fall.

The Sisters received both items on Friday morning, June 24.

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