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“A Spirituality for a Grace-filled Lent”
January 18, 2018
Seduced by Oreos
February 2, 2018
“A Spirituality for a Grace-filled Lent”
January 18, 2018
Seduced by Oreos
February 2, 2018

By Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF 

“I can’t wait for Lent to start!”

I startled myself as I said it to myself. Did a double-take. Because I hate Lent. And it’s still a month away. Where was this coming from?

I’ve been keeping a long list of possible topics, knowing this blog is coming due. The list was very closely related to all the things I’ve been keeping in prayer the last few weeks. The crazy weather swings, from extremely warm to artic cold and back again, from torrential rain in drought areas to a dipping jet stream that brought heavy snowfalls to the south and east. The stories of peoples’ generosity and courage over the holiday season. The debate over our immigration policy: the very real fears of families being torn apart, the censure of immigrants who might undermine our society or use too many resources.

Though the plight of refugees from the Middle East hasn’t been on the news lately, the situation is still desperate. Pope Francis chose that as the theme for his World Day of Peace Message on January 1st: Migrants and Refugees: Men and Women in Search of Peace. We used the theme for our January prayer service, focusing on stories of refugees and the men and women who help them.

I’ve been struggling a lot with the sense of entitlement that seems so pervasive now. We’re taught to need things, that we deserve them. At a recent meeting, one of the attendees tried to enlighten the group on how the Civil Rights Act has ruined our country. Others are getting what should be ours.

Racism, gender issues, sexual harassment, equal pay, tax reform, environmental justice: the list goes on and on. And our little social justice study group chose the theme of Hopelessness for our next discussion!

One of the things that’s kept me grounded through all the turmoil is a little set of Earth reflection cards that the Sisters used a few years ago. There’s a simple quote, most on either Earth or Franciscan spirituality, one for each day of the month. I’ve kept using them. Month after month, I reflect on ideas like our fundamental interdependence, how everyone – and everything – is sister and brother, on God’s poverty (God’s constant giving in order to enrich our lives) and how we thank God by generously sharing with others and thereby become who we truly are: images of a generous God. All this has opened my heart a bit and helped to make me more compassionate.

So, I’m looking forward to this Lent, when our Sisters will be exploring a program, Lent 4.5, focusing on Christian Simplicity. The title of the program refers to the fact that, if everyone on the planet had equal access to Earth’s resources, 4.5 acres would be each person’s share of resources. We, in the United States, presently use some 22.3 acres to sustain our lifestyle. How can I learn to need less, but live more fully? How can I be more aware of the many gifts I’m given each day and respond in gratitude? How can I take to heart the call to conversion in Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’: to see the world as God’s loving gift and respond generously, to be aware that we are linked with all creatures in “splendid universal communion” and to respond with creativity and enthusiasm to help resolve the world’s problems?

It may take me a month to get ready for the soul-searching I need to do this Lent, to get ready for the challenge. But I hope that I’m a better person – and the world’s a little better place – at the end of it.

Sister Sharon Havelak

Justice and Peace

Sister Sharon is an artist, educator and long-time peace activist, who currently oversees All Good Things, a store/gallery/gift shop featuring art by the Sisters, handmade soaps and lotions, and Fair Trade products.*

She also serves as the coordinator of the Sylvania Franciscan’s Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation efforts, and teaches art history at Lourdes University. She keeps her creative juices flowing by painting on silk scarves.
* All Good Things gallery is located in our Sylvania Franciscan Village and many of the items are sold on our website.

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Sister Mary Thill
6 years ago

Me too! I hate Lent! My focus this year is away from my “distaste” for this man-made period of reflection and penance
and just going about my daily life aware that LIFE is a precious gift and just enjoy it all…maybe go to more movies,
out to lunch or dinner with housemates and friends, taking in some fun activities.
I think HOPEFULLNESS will just follow…at least I hope so! Thanks!

Sister Maria Pacelli
6 years ago

Thank you, Sharon, for a powerful pre-Lenten reflection. You offered much to think and pray about.

Shannon Schrein
6 years ago

Powerful blog, Sharon, it has given me much to consider. “God’s poverty” was a new thought for me. The call to live more simply challenges me. Thanks for sharing your refkections.

Sister Irenaeus
6 years ago

Thank you Sharon for sharing your thoughts with us. So much to think about these days with all that is happening around the world and here at home. I was very moved by our Peace gathering on Tuesday, listening to the stories of all the peoples. I’ve also been following the reports of Pope Francis as he makes his visit to Chile and his strong message to the people there. There is so much to pray for. We could be on our “benders” for ever. With Lent coming, you have given us many ideas and ways to direct our prayer… Read more »

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