One day as I was walking…

A World Charged with Beauty
May 13, 2022
Paschal Mystery at Maple Lane Apartments
June 10, 2022
A World Charged with Beauty
May 13, 2022
Paschal Mystery at Maple Lane Apartments
June 10, 2022

by Sr. Mary Thill, OSF

One day as I was walking down the corridor in Regina Hall, the building I work in on our Motherhouse campus, I suddenly pictured myself as one of the older Sisters who roamed these halls years ago when it was the home for the elderly members of our religious community.  It was built when I was a Novice and my Novitiate class had the privilege/challenge of moving the Sisters from the

Sisters Esther and Bernadine in Regina Hall.

south of campus to their new home in 1962.  Most of the Sisters were excited to make the move from their previous room to a brand-new room in a building that had an elevator, (they had not needed one before this), and a building that was closer to the newly constructed Chapel and dining hall.  It was quite an adjustment for them and they seemed pleased to finally get settled into a new home, different schedule, and a new atmosphere now located on the north end of campus.  It was really quite an adjustment to say the least and they survived it all and many actually thrived!

As I made my walk down the corridor I pictured myself as an elderly Sister walking down the hall and realized that I am an elderly Sister walking down the hall. This did not disturb or surprise me as I grew up, matured, and now am growing old in this beautiful and sacred place that has felt like my home since I was 13.  As I look around me and feel the spirit of the many women who have come before me and with whom I have spent almost 65 years in the convent, (2023 will be my Class’s 60th Jubilee of First Profession), I am overwhelmed by the precious memories, the joys and sorrows, the many special events that have taken place here over the years.  I could write a book about all these memories, and maybe I will someday, but right now I am only grateful and blessed to be part of this Sylvania Franciscan community of women who continue to be messengers of peace, commit themselves to works that reverence human dignity, embrace the poor and marginalized, and respect the gift of all creation. (Mission Statement)

Sister Mary Thill

Sister Mary Thill has been working with elders for almost 50 years.  She was the Administrator of Rosary Hall when it became the new home for the retired Sisters.  She designed the Gerontology Program at Lourdes College and taught there for 22 years.  She recently retired from being a Patient Liaison to Elders at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Toledo.  Sister Mary is currently assisting in the Sisters’ Archives where she is learning more and more about the legacy of the Sylvania Franciscans and how to enjoy life as an Elder.

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2 years ago

Great article, Mary!!

Sr. Irie
2 years ago

Oh Mary, what a delightful memory journey.. I was not present on campus for this, very busy out on mission teaching away. This was probably a bitter sweet moment for our Sisters, yet how graciously they adjusted and came to begin a new phase of their life. Moving is always a challenge. Yes, we now are at the time in our life where these Sisters were, and their faces pass before us, yet they never wavered and neither will we because of their example and dedicated love of Community. Each day we are blessed in this Community and in this… Read more »

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