Sister Fidelis Joins Medical Team Going to Haiti

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October 11, 2016
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Lourdes University Inaugurates New President
October 11, 2016
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October 14, 2016

Sister Fidelis comforts a young child in Pestel, Haiti

Sister Fidelis goes to Haiti to Help After Hurricane Matthew

Sister Fidelis Rubbo, who ministered in Haiti from 2000 to 2013, is going back with a local medical team to treat the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Pestel, the town on the western coast where Sister Fidelis lived while in Haiti, took a direct hit from the hurricane. More than 80% of the homes have been destroyed and all of the crops and animal life have been wiped out. Early reports from people on the ground say cholera is on the rise and medical supplies to treat the injured are running out.

Dr. Richard Paat, a local physician from Maumee, has put together an 11-member team of doctors, nurses and physician assistants. Because Sister Fidelis knows so many people in Pestel and speaks the language, she is accompanying them to listen to and pray with the residents. Sister Fidelis hopes to share with the Haitians the love and concern of the Sylvania Franciscans and the many friends they have here. She wants them to know that God walks with them, but more importantly, by being there, she hopes to be a tangible presence of the Sisters and show them God’s human face.

Please keep Sister Fidelis, Dr. Paat and the medical team in your prayers as they leave on this very important humanitarian mission to help those in Haiti who have been so severely impacted by this devastating storm. Anybody interested in supporting these efforts can contact the advancement office at 419-824-3625 or

Pestel, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Pestel, the town where Sister Fidelis ministered for 13 years, took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew.

Pestel, Haiti

Another view of Pestel, where 80% of the homes were destroyed by the October 4 hurricane.

Devastation after Hurricane Matthew

What’s left of the homes on a small island off the coast of Pestel.

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