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Best Practice/Focusing
October 28, 2020
“Pillow Talk” for a Pandemic
November 13, 2020
Best Practice/Focusing
October 28, 2020
“Pillow Talk” for a Pandemic
November 13, 2020

by Sr Joan Jurski, OSF

We sail into November, another month on the calendar that seems just like the last. It has been quite a year since last April. What do we look forward to in November? It is a month that offers feasts and celebrations. November 1 welcomes All Saints, November 2, All Souls, November 11, Veterans Day and of course November 3, Election Day, and November 26, Thanksgiving Day. Underlining all these days of course is the pandemic, COVID 19. What do I personally look forward to in November? How will I approach the month and all that it brings, what attitude will I embrace?

I, we can approach the month with distress, fear and anxiety, or gratitude and praise.

I know what causes me anxiety, the continuing pandemic. ls there a vaccine coming soon? Who will get it?  How do I keep myself healthy? What’s happening to all the children and teachers and parents during this time? Added to these concerns I think of all the global issues of poverty and war and street violence.

Thinking of all this can make me depressed. However, as a person of faith, I realize there is more to consider. I looked around and see that there are so many things that I can be thankful for, things that bring me joy and gratitude as well as humor. We do need to laugh and sing. I see the beauty of color dressing all the trees. I am grateful for the friends who care for me, the beauty of seeing my grandniece, Penelope with her chubby cheeks and giggles, the good feel of clean sheets on a newly made bed, a recipe that turns out well, not getting a traffic ticket, but just a warning. Then there is always the joy of being able to conquer computer technology when it breaks down.

It is a joy to wake up each morning and know that a faithful God still loves me. God looks down on me each day. I need to look up at God and connect. One way of doing this is to pray the psalms. For me the Book of Psalms articulates many of life’s experiences, both good and bad.  Some of the following psalms may bring comfort when we need God’s help and others give voice to those who are thankful for God’s aid. I offer the following: 

Gratitude and Praise

Psalm 34:2

Psalm 47:2

Psalm 146:2

Psalm 96 :1-2


Psalm 25: 16-17

Psalm 69:2

Psalm 130:1-2

Psalm 121:1-2

Fear and Anxiety

Psalm 38:2

Psalm 56:4-5

Psalm 62:2

Psalm 27:1-3

Sister Joan Jurski


Sister Joan Jurski recently retired as the Director of the Regina Retreat and Conference Center after ten years.  She continues to guide mini-pilgrimages on the campus for visitors several times each year. Sister Joan was a teacher for 28 years and served in a variety of pastoral ministries for over 25 years. "Through each ministry - teaching, serving the homeless, parish and justice work, and spirituality, my service has been about people and living the message that 'Joy is the echo of God's light,'" she says.

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3 years ago

Thanks, Joan. It is quite a struggle between hope and despair (?) these days.
I appreciate your reminder and the Psalms are always spot on in times like these.
Blessings! smt

Sr Brigid O'Shea Merriman
3 years ago

Thank you for your blog reflection with its focus on gratitude. The posted Psalm references will be a great help for our reflection as well. I wish you continued peace, dear Sister.

Sr. Claudia
3 years ago

I liked your blog about November and the Gratitude psalms listing. Thanks Joan.

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