Her Spirit Longs to Live with Us

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March 15, 2021
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March 19, 2021

A sculpture of our Foundress Mother Mary Adelaide is located in front of the Portiuncula.

The sculpture of Foundress, Mother Adelaide Sandusky was unveiled and blessed on Sunday, March 7, 2021.  Sister Magdala Davlin and Patrick Dubreuil, Sculpture Instructor at Lourdes University collaborated on this first-ever statue of Mother Adelaide for the public art collection on the Sylvania Franciscan campus.

“Mother Adelaide holds this tiny tree and looks with vision toward what she would eventually create here on the Motherhouse grounds. The pine tree is very symbolic of the beginning of our community, when she planted 1,000 pine trees to stabilize the sandy yellow soil and began to transform a former farm into this beautiful campus,” says Sister Magdala.

Mother Adelaide, also a talented artist, believed that beauty was an expression of God and to experience it was to elevate the human spirit.


“Evergreens rooted in yellow sand provide a very telling symbol of the life,

character and personality of  Mother Mary Adelaide.”   – Mother Mary Justinian

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