80 plus one

Sr. Ann Francis Klimkowski, OSF
September 7, 2022
9 minutes and 29 seconds
September 19, 2022
Sr. Ann Francis Klimkowski, OSF
September 7, 2022
9 minutes and 29 seconds
September 19, 2022

by Judy Miske

When I celebrated my 80th birthday last year, I considered it a day when I officially was a senior citizen.

I began to become aware of signs of some kinds of diminishments. Was this the beginning of the aging process?

Yes, my hair was becoming white and more thin and fragile. Arthritis was a constant companion. I looked into the mirror and saw my elderly mother’s face. When I went for my yearly physical exam, I was told my height was diminishing . . .  ” That can’t be!” I exclaimed. I resisted the whole idea of giving in to being elderly! The clincher was when it was strongly suggested that I put my end-of-life plans into place and I needed Health Care agents!

Then I remembered the life lesson of the 12-step spirituality I had learned years ago and found myself praying the Serenity Prayer. “O God, grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Ps. 71: 17-22 Reinforces the wisdom behind this prayer- O God, you have taught me from my youth and I proclaim Your wonders still.

Even ‘til I am old and gray-headed

(80 plus one) do not forsake me, O God!

Perhaps the secret of serenity is living One Day At A Time . . . and singing the country song:

“One Day at a time, Sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of You…show me the Way…One Day at a time.”

Judy Miske

Judy Miske has been a Sylvania Franciscan Associate for 21 years. She is a retired teacher who also spent eight years in the airline industry, and has been a pastoral care volunteer for over 15 years. Judy was a member of the Sylvania Franciscan community until she was 27. She lives in New Brighton, MN.

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Sister Karen Zielinski
1 year ago

What a great reflection! It made me think about life and the natural part of my life-getting older!
Peace, Sister Karen

Sister Irie
1 year ago

Judy, thank you for your delightful acceptance of being a “Senior citizen” and recognizing all the signs and accepting them as you journey to the promised land. You have always been a very giving and caring person, so generous with your time and you leave a lasting mark on those you come in contact with. Bless you as you continue to listen to the Spirit and give to the Lord your very self and all your gifts, You are as “YOUNG” as you feel despite all the hastle from “Arthur-itis” He has a hold on quite a few of us.… Read more »

Sister Mary Thill
1 year ago

Halleluja! Acceptance is a big piece of successful aging and a good life.
Enjoy every trip you make around the sun and thanks for being one of us for such a long time.

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