Awaiting God’s Love to be born

Hope on a gloomy day
November 20, 2017
Home for Christmas?
December 11, 2017
Hope on a gloomy day
November 20, 2017
Home for Christmas?
December 11, 2017

by Sr. Julie Myers, OSF

Today we find ourselves standing at the edge of a new beginning.

The Christian Church flips yet another page on the calendar of our spiritual lives and so, we end another liturgical year. Advent is now upon us and invites each of us to begin anew.  Advent calls us to a peaceful place asking that we wait expectantly for something spectacular.

But, I’ve got to tell you that I’m feeling an inner nudge!  A sort of summons from within to first gather up all the goodness and hardships, all the joys and fears, the new relationships and the broken friendships, all the moments of laughter and causes for tears this past year has held. There is a desire within my spirit to take it and hold it in moments of prayer, to reflect upon the meaning of it all and to thank God for the gift it has been.  Every moment of every experience has made me a bit more authentic than I was last Advent.

Maybe this is a facet of Advent you’ve lost sight of, yet isn’t that how we make space for Jesus in our own Inn—to acknowledge what was, to bow in gratitude, to free one’s self from any burden and to open our hearts to the love of Jesus so needed to be born in our world and in our very own lives.

I am a sinner and certainly not perfect by any means, but I desire this newness Advent promises. I feel called to sit within the stillness and quiet of this season and trust in God’s grace that my times of prayer will open and prepare me for that spectacular event—the word of God translated into love!

I invite you to find space in your daily calendar to sneak away for some time of quiet. Mindfully give attention to the past year and how the events have formed you.  Where do you recognize God in those occasions?  Then, in stillness and quiet, in the company of hope and promise, prepare a space in your inner room for God’s love to be born.

Sister Julie Myers

Religious Life Reaching the Online Community

Sister Julie MyersWe are all called by God to be our best selves and, if opened to the grace, to serve in ways far beyond our imagining. Sr Julie’s vocational journey reflects this statement as she has utilized her gifts and talents as a physical therapist assistant, sacristan, vocation minister and now as Program Director for A Nun’s Life Ministry.

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Sister Julitta Campbell
6 years ago

Thank you Julie for your Advent reflection. I especially was touched by the closing line, “prepare a space in your inner room for God’s love to be born.” Blessings, sjulitta

Sister Maria Pacelli
6 years ago

Julie, thank you for this reflection. Much to think about as a good preparation for the coming Advent season.

Sr. Mary Fran
6 years ago

Julie, this blog entry is so well written. it offered a fresh notion about being mindfully grateful for what was–even the difficult times– as part of the Advent preparation and living in hopeful expectation for what God can do in our lives when the heart is free and open. This blog entry is a keeper for me and part of my Advent preparation.

Sister Mary Thill
6 years ago

Thanks, Jules, for the reminder to take time to pause and reflect on what’s been happening in our lives.
Advent is a call to do just that as we are already surrounded by Christmas reminders everywhere!

Sister Irenaeus
6 years ago

Dear Julie, What powerful statements! It is a SACRED time to look back over the past year and all that it has been to us, given us and left us with to now REFLECT and go to that SACRED place again and make a new Beginning! A time to prepare my ROOM for the coming of the PROMISED ONE and the many gifts and blessings, hard times and good times that will be given to me. I will find that special time to pray, reflect and WAIT with hope and great joy for the COMING of Jesus! Julie, you lifted… Read more »

Sister Shannon Schrein
6 years ago

Julie, this is a very thought provoking blog. I love the idea of gathering up all the experiences of the past year and presenting them before God in prayerful reflection. Waiting in expectation for the Word to become Flesh among us is an exciting time of hope and anticipated joy. I hope to prepare my inner room well. Thanks for the encouragement and thoughtful reflections.

6 years ago

Thanks for the nudge to reflect on our past in a prayerful reflection. HAVE A BLESSED ADVENT.

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