Hope on a gloomy day

Sr. M. Ramona Wolcenski
November 9, 2017
Awaiting God’s Love to be born
November 30, 2017
Sr. M. Ramona Wolcenski
November 9, 2017
Awaiting God’s Love to be born
November 30, 2017

by Sister Patricia Ann Taube

One morning I woke up—the sky was overcast and I was late for an appointment.  I hurried to get dressed and reached for my phone.  It wasn’t where I usually put it.  I needed it so I could be on time for the rest of my appointments that day.  I finally found it.  I breathed a sigh of relief and checked my phone for the time.  Everything on the phone was in Chinese!  I asked someone to call the technology help number and it was the person’s day off!  I quickly went to the door to go to the car that was taking me for my dental appointment.  It was raining.  I had no umbrella and the car was parked three cars down.  Later, when I got back home, I took a shower, quickly dressed, and waited for my hair dresser to do my hair.  As I sat there, with my hair dripping wet, a friend knocked on the door and came in with a young woman whom I had never seen before.

‘’Sister, she said, you don’t know this young ladyshe is the daughter of a couple you worked with in the 1970’s.  She wanted to meet you because her parents spoke so highly about you.”  I smiled and said, “Hello,” while drops of water from my wet hair dripped down my cheeks. “Where is the girl who’s supposed to do my hair, I grumbled to myself.”  Then I heard footsteps and was glad that she was coming.  Instead it was the janitor who came to bring me a new dresser!  I thanked him and he smiled—I’m sure it was at my wet head, although he didn’t see the streams of water trickling down my back under my shirt.  My hair finally got done and I went to my afternoon meeting.  When I walked in, one of the members asked me, “How are you feeling today?”  I paused, smiled, took a deep breath and said, “hopeful.”

Sister Patricia Ann Taube

Sr. Pat Taube

Sister Patricia Ann Taube, received her Master’s Degree in Theology and Religious Studies from Catholic University in Washington, DC. Spotlighted on WSAZ, the NBC affiliate in Huntington, WV, as a “Hometown Hero,” Sister served as a chaplain at multiple hospitals for 25 years.

In addition to her ministry in Huntington area hospitals, Sister worked with two organizations close to her heart, “The Healing Place of Huntington” and “Women for Recovery.” The women’s shelter is now called “her Place” in honor of Sister Pat. Before her time in West Virginia, Sister taught at St. Joseph’s, Sylvania, St. Hedwig’s, Toledo, and other schools in Minnesota and Detroit where she was known as Sister Mateo.

After a life-changing event, Sister Pat now spends her time giving retreats and offering spiritual direction.

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Sister Mary Thill
6 years ago

Thanks for the reminder to be hopeful no matter what seems to be happening in my life! You’re my model of patience.

Sister Irenaeus
6 years ago

Sister Pat, I can relate to having day (s) like that, but, your reminder to stop and think, be thankful and be hopeful knowing that all is in the plan of God and He is in control. Thank you and God bless you.

Sister Maria Pacelli
6 years ago

Pat, I loved your story. Next time I have a day like that I will think of you and remain hopeful.

Sister Shannon Schrein
6 years ago

Great Read, Pat. Thanks for sharing your story. We have all experienced this kind of frustration. It is a grace to remain hopeful!

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