‘Tis a puzzlement!

Sister La Donna Marie Pinkleman, OSF
November 21, 2022
Anthony: An Early Advent
December 9, 2022

by Judy Miske

I admit it-I am a “puzzler!”

When working on putting a jigsaw puzzle together, I often feel the frustration of the King of Siam (as featured in the musical the King and I) when he is faced with challenges and exclaims, “‘Tis- a -puzzlement!!”

There seem to be some life lessons, some puzzlements that my 80+1 self often deals with. Maybe fellow “puzzlers” also want to exclaim (when the pieces of daily living just don’t seem to fit) . . . ‘tis a puzzlement! The process is slow, requiring patience and perseverance, believing that the pieces, like in a jigsaw puzzle, will come together to form a solution-a whole!

In my daily life, I learn from this process. If I think a piece is surely missing or lost it is a puzzlement. But when I let go of the stress of succeeding, TaDa! The elusive piece I am searching for is revealed!

Will I ever see the big picture come together? Yes! Noticing colors, shapes, and relationships of one piece to another, are clues to its solution. Perhaps my field of vision is too cluttered. Puzzling becomes more enjoyable doing it with others- seeing which pieces fit as others see them and sharing an “a-ha” moment when the piece fits!

I can get weary and ask myself if this puzzle-solving is only a tedious time waster. I say “no” because I have experienced both in my mental and spiritual life that it is a fun way to get mental exercise, and secondly, a way to relax and let go of stress. Lastly, I see that sometimes problem-solving is by trial and error.

Puzzlements can always be faced with spiritual light, humor and encouragement!




Judy Miske

Judy Miske has been a Sylvania Franciscan Associate for 21 years. She is a retired teacher who also spent eight years in the airline industry, and has been a pastoral care volunteer for over 15 years. Judy was a member of the Sylvania Franciscan community until she was 27. She lives in New Brighton, MN.

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