General Assembly 2015 – Shaping the Future of Our Legacy

Savory, Sacred Soup
November 16, 2015
Sylvania Franciscans Celebrate 100 Years
November 18, 2015

Almost 130 Sylvania Franciscan Sisters gathered for the General Assembly on June 24-26, 2015 at the Franciscan Center on the Motherhouse grounds.  This once-every-four-years event was a time for the Sisters to gather and prepare for next year’s Chapter of Affairs, where they will determine their focus for the following four years and elect the 2016-2020 Leadership Team.   The gathering was a “coming home” for Sisters, so they could plan for their life, mission and ministries.  Sister Mary Jon Wagner, Congregational Minister, said in her opening remarks “it was a gift of legacy from St. Francis, St. Clare and Mother Adelaide (foundress of the congregation) on which we are called today to continue our vision and refounding and transform us to meet the challenges of a changing world to live our Franciscan values and mission together.”

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