Lessons Learned When Relocating

“Rend Your Hearts …”
February 25, 2021
Remembering What Lent is all About
March 8, 2021
“Rend Your Hearts …”
February 25, 2021
Remembering What Lent is all About
March 8, 2021

by Sr. M. Rosalma Kmiec

Well, here I am, about three months in Our Lady of Grace Hall.  Thanks to the COVID-19 virus, we’re all quarantined and need to stay in our area ONLY.

What have I learned about myself?

I don’t need to be a new person.  I need a new purpose, to live simply, to help others, and frequently keep God in mind and heart–always!

I can still do things not only for myself, but also whatever comes up, wherever there is a need.

I love God’s creation:  the sun, clouds, stars, rain, snow; I love the animals:  birds, deer, dogs, cats, etc.  I always marvel at all that I see, and thank Him over and over again, be it early in the morning, daytime, evening, and often at night, too.

When reading spiritual books, I am often struck by statements I’ve seen before, but now have a new meaning in an awakening to a message God wants me to recognize or refresh my promises, my wishes, and most of all, in deepening my understanding of God’s love for me.

These days give me more opportunities to reflect on God’s goodness, love, and accepting what is happening.  I offer it for the good of those in need of His help.

My aging process is part of this new chapter in my life.  I know God is in charge: I want to put all my trust and love in God’s hands–it is there that I know I will be safe.  (It may not be what I expected, but that doesn’t matter!)  I am in God’s hands, in His plans, in His loving heart.  I can’t lose, for I love my God!

Although I keep saying I, actually, I believe all my fellow Sisters in Our Lady of Grace Hall have the same attitude:  to serve God as best we can, however we are able, either doing something or, more likely, praying for others, for their needs, for our country, and for our Community.

Sister M. Rosalma Kmiec

Since making her first profession in 1954, Sister M. Rosalma Kmiec served in many ministries, including teaching and principal roles, directing the House of Prayer, Assistant Enrichment Director, Rosary Care Center (RCC) Director, and Pastoral Care at RCC. She will always remember her first teaching assignment where she was given a classroom filled with 60 first-grade students. “I really feared I wasn’t getting anywhere, but, thank God, they miraculously did learn! I’ve been grateful to hear from many of my students who remember me and come back into my life to thank me.”

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Chuck Kundschier
3 years ago

Sister Rosalma — what a joy to read your wonderful blog! As I’m traveling the twists and turns of this life — your beautiful words are quite helpful. Stay Safe! Good Bless You!

Sister Faith Cosky
3 years ago

Rosalma, I liked your question and your willingness to share the “lessons” you learned. Though you moved across the street it had an impact on you as evident in your faith-filled reflections. Thank you for being so inspiring.

Sister Ann Lorette
3 years ago

Thank you, Sr. Rosalma for a beautiful, inspiring letter. You clearly reflect God’s love for each of us.

Sharon Havelak
3 years ago

Great blog, Sister Rosalma! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, the wonderful reminders that help us through each day!

Sister Judy Zielinski
3 years ago

Rosalma: GREAT blog!! Congrats on writing your first one!! (Where have you been hiding??)😁 Thanks for the lovely message from Our Lady of Grace. It’s an inspiring message to start my day, hearing how you and my Sisters there are so immersed in God’s grace and creation. Thank you!

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