Sister Jane Mary Radio Interview

2021 Reflections
January 22, 2021
Mary Appears in Apparitions Holding a Rosary.  Does She Pray to Herself?
February 5, 2021

Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak, second from front works with her team installing a mural for Toledo Grows, in Uptown Toledo.

Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak is well known for her artistry, especially for the murals that have been created and placed on so many buildings on the Sylvania Franciscan Motherhouse campus and the campus of Lourdes University.  Listen to a recent radio interview with Sister Jane Mary on FM 91.3 for the Rough Draft Diaries series

(Sister Jane Mary, second from the front is with her Alverno Studio team, Sister Magdala Davlin, Annette Fink and Linda Fadden as they install a mural in Uptown Toledo for a Toledo Grows garden).

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