Sister M. Vianney Rudzki

January 10, 2020
Resting and Reflecting
January 31, 2020

Sister M. Vianney Rudzki died at Rosary Care Center in Sylvania, Ohio on January 28, 2020.   The daughter of Paul and Cecilia Rudzki entered the convent of the Sisters of St. Francis in Sylvania from St. Cunegunda Parish, Detroit, Michigan, in 1941.  Sister Vianney followed her sister, Sister Paulette to the convent after eighth grade.  She professed her first vows in 1945 and her final vows in 1949 and would have celebrated her 75th anniversary in religious life in 2020.

Sister Vianney had a BSE and a MA degree in education from the University of Detroit.  She taught mostly primary grades for almost 60 years.  She taught in schools in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan and Maryland.  Her favorite grade was kindergarten and the students adored her joyful energy and loved that she was tiny, lively and quick enough to keep up with them.  In 1989 she began serving in what would become her last ministry in education at All Saints Catholic School in Rossford, Ohio.  She was the primary school librarian and delighted in telling the children stories and making hundreds of bookmarks for the whole school.  The people in Rossford still fondly asked about her even after she had retired to Rosary Care Center.

Sister Vianney and her sister, Sister Paulette were often mistaken for twins because they looked and dressed alike but were one year, six months and 22 days apart.  Sister Vianney was involved in education her whole life and Sister Paulette worked in the Sylvania Franciscan’s sponsored hospitals.  They did not live in the same convent until they retired to Rosary Care Center where they were seen helping the other residents until they needed help themselves.  Sister Paulette died in March of 2014.

Interment will be in Porta Coeli Cemetery on the campus of the Sisters.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio.



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