Sometimes It Only Takes a Simple Gesture

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July 29, 2016
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August 12, 2016

By Sister Pam Nosbusch, OSF

In my ministry as a Hospice Chaplain I am in and out of different assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.  I always encounter residents of these facilities that are not one of my patients.  Sometimes I encounter a resident because they are a roommate of one of my patients.  And sometimes I encounter a resident because I see them in a hallway on the way to see one of my patients.

To me, it is the right thing to do to say “Hello” or give a little wave to these residents.  The seemingly simple gesture can mean a lot to the person I encounter.  Often, I can tell if my simple gesture means something by the smile on a person’s face.  Other times I can tell if my simple gesture means something when the person says “Hello” back or waves back.  These simple gestures really take no effort on my part.

I am sure you can think of times in your life when your simple gestures made a difference to someone.  Just think how much nicer the world could be if simple gestures of kindness were the usual way we treat each other no matter where in the world we live.

Sister Pam Nosbusch

Hospice Chaplain

Sister Pam NosbuschSister Pam is native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  She is a Chaplain with Gentiva Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee and is a Board Certified Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.  Previous ministries include Theater Arts and Music Education and Pastoral Associate in Catholic parishes.

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