The Many Faces of Love

Our Legacy Lives On: Pilgrimages for Franciscan Leadership
November 18, 2016
Sister Roselynn retires as co-director of the Associates
Sister Roselynn Retires as Co-director of the Associates Program
December 1, 2016

View of bench against christmas tree and shining lantern through snowing. Night shot.

By Sister Pam Nosbusch, OSF

If you believe the commercials this time of year, it’s a magical time of year, most wonderful time of the year and a warm fuzzy time of year. Truth be told, for many people it is a tough time of year.

For some people it is tough because they know this will be the last Christmas with their loved one. For others, it is tough because it is the first Christmas since a loved one died. For some it is their first Christmas away from their family. For others it is being alone. These are just a few examples of what can make this time of year tough.

Even though this time of year has its challenges and difficulties one thing that helps us get through is love. Love can come in a variety of ways such as being with loved ones. Love can come when we do something kind for another person. Love can come from providing a smile to someone you meet in a store, restaurant or other public place. Love, whether given or received, can help someone feel better not only during this time of year but anytime.

Sister Pam Nosbusch

Hospice Chaplain

Sister Pam NosbuschSister Pam is native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  She is a Chaplain with Gentiva Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee and is a Board Certified Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.  Previous ministries include Theater Arts and Music Education and Pastoral Associate in Catholic parishes.

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