Sometimes It Only Takes A Smile Or A Kind Word

Sister Patricia Hejna died on January 11, 2017
January 17, 2017
So Much Goodness
January 27, 2017

By Sister Pamela Nosbusch

When going to a Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Facility to visit my patients I often encounter residents that are not my patients.  Not wanting to be rude I smile and say “Hello” to the resident.  Usually the resident will smile and say “Hello” back. At other times the resident will engage my in a short conversation.

Just today I encountered a resident at an Assisted Living Facility I visit.  This resident and I have seen each other and said “Hello” to each other for 2-3 years.  Today this resident and I were joking with each other about how it is no fun being good and neither of us want to have anyone mistake for being good.

We agree that it is no fun being good!

A nurse I work with was recognized for providing a kind word to a person she encountered who was upset.  This person was not one of our patients or the family member of a patient.  This nurse provided support to a person who needed it.

A smile…a kind word…

It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day.  By providing that smile or that kind word it just might make your day too.

Sister Pam Nosbusch

Hospice Chaplain

Sister Pam NosbuschSister Pam is native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  She is a Chaplain with Gentiva Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee and is a Board Certified Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.  Previous ministries include Theater Arts and Music Education and Pastoral Associate in Catholic parishes.

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