What a Christmas!

Home for Christmas?
December 11, 2017
2018 Peace Gathering Prayer Service
December 22, 2017
Home for Christmas?
December 11, 2017
2018 Peace Gathering Prayer Service
December 22, 2017

by Sister Patricia Ann Taube

The bus stopped in front of a large, beautiful church.  We all got out.  I noticed that there were two entrances to the church; the big, huge elaborately decorated door that we were going into on the right and over to the left there was a door that was smaller.  The floor of the church that we walked on was covered with wood.  The floor on the right side revealed beautiful tiles. I guess they didn’t want us to walk on that side.  When we got to the front altar we were met by a Franciscan Friar.  He was to be our guide. He took us down a very narrow staircase that led to a huge cave.  There was a large altar in the cave. It was made of marble and was beautifully decorated.  Directly under the table of the altar, on the floor of the cave was a beautiful golden star of Bethlehem with a glass in the middle that you could look through.  The friar told us that we could kneel down, look through the glass and kiss the glass because it marked the place where Jesus was born.  I felt sad that the actual place that He was born was covered over by the huge altar. However, I felt a lot better when the friar pointed to another altar. Under it was a trough-like cradle.  The friar said that was like the cradle that Mary and Joseph laid Jesus to rest for his nap.  We each took all the gifts that we had bought and placed them in the cradle to be blessed by the presence of the Christ Child.  I smiled and was thrilled with expectation.  I would give those gifts the following Christmas.  After lighting candles, the friar led us, surprisingly, out of the door that had looked so small when we were on the upper level of the church, the Church of the Nativity.

After this we were going to the Shepherds’ field which was about two and a half miles from the Church of the Nativity.  The field was marked by low stone fences about three feet high.  They were to keep the sheep flocks in place.  We had Mass there, under two beautiful trees with white blossoms.  We also exchanged gifts to celebrate Christmas in this special place.  During the Mass I heard a low whistle sound. I didn’t pay attention at first but I heard it again and again.  I looked behind me. On the other side of the fence I could see a cute little face and a little hand holding something on the top of the fence.  Now that he had my attention, he motioned for me to come over where he was.  He pointed to it and said, “You buy!, you buy!”  He was pointing to a small stable scene.  I didn’t want to disturb everyone during the Mass so I shook my head “Yes” and put my finger over my lips so he would be quiet.  I stood there until Mass was finished.  The little shepherd  boy then took me by the hand and led me to a place where a very old man sat whittling away at olive wood.  I learned that this was the boy’s grandfather.  Of course I had to buy one of these precious manger scenes made by a genuine shepherd.  His little grandson grinned, happy to make a sale.  As we walked back to our bus, the two beautiful trees with white blossoms shook in the wind and white blossoms fell like the snow and the famous Bethlehem Bells rang.  What a Christmas!

Sister Patricia Ann Taube

Sr. Pat Taube

Sister Patricia Ann Taube, received her Master’s Degree in Theology and Religious Studies from Catholic University in Washington, DC. Spotlighted on WSAZ, the NBC affiliate in Huntington, WV, as a “Hometown Hero,” Sister served as a chaplain at multiple hospitals for 25 years.

In addition to her ministry in Huntington area hospitals, Sister worked with two organizations close to her heart, “The Healing Place of Huntington” and “Women for Recovery.” The women’s shelter is now called “her Place” in honor of Sister Pat. Before her time in West Virginia, Sister taught at St. Joseph’s, Sylvania, St. Hedwig’s, Toledo, and other schools in Minnesota and Detroit where she was known as Sister Mateo.

After a life-changing event, Sister Pat now spends her time giving retreats and offering spiritual direction.

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Anne Shuff
6 years ago

Sr. Pat, I found your blog, finally! Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory.

Sister Irenaeus
6 years ago

Sister Pat, thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory of Christmas with us. What a special place to be in, Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth, the very spot of that sacred moment. It had to be a most emotional moment for you. Wishing you a most Blessed Christmas, Sister Pat.

Sister Shannon Schrein
6 years ago

Pat, I loved reading this story. I too had the precious opportunity to travel to Israel and to visit Bethlehem. Your story brought back wonderful memories for me. When I sat in the little church in the Shepherd’s Field I began to quietly sing “Silent Night” (even though it was June). Soon everyone in the church joined me and together we shared a beautiful moment. Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us is our greatest gift.

Sister Mary Thill
6 years ago

I feel like I was right there with you in Bethlehem…thank you for sharing your trip with us!
Merry Christmas!

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