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That You May Have Life
March 31, 2023
Year of Jubilee: Look in Each Direction
May 3, 2023
That You May Have Life
March 31, 2023
Year of Jubilee: Look in Each Direction
May 3, 2023

by Sister Ann Marie Emon

Do you remember coloring as a kid?  Choosing the best color and coloring in the lines were the main rules.  I’ve always loved coloring and have never stopped.  What I’ve found is that coloring creates a time and an atmosphere that brings Scripture and prayer together with colors and creativity.

Margaret Feinberg, in her coloring book Live Free, provides us with a meaningful way to pull away from the hustle and bustle of life to pray and to unleash our creative gifts.  I am excited to begin her coloring book.  Each creative piece has a Scripture quote to reflect on, a page for journaling and a creative design to color.  She tells us to “craft God’s world in our hearts through creativity.”

She provides an opportunity for us to:

  • Spend time praying, reflecting and growing in our relationship with God.
  • Strengthen relationships with others by displaying our work.
  • Discover our creativity as we express our love for God and Scripture.

Another coloring book I found helpful is Lark Craft’s Joyful and Radiant Coloring.  It invites us to forget the hassles of our day and add some vibrant colors to fantastic patterns.  “There’s so much to be gained from taking time for ourselves to color and make something truly our own.”

In our daily lives we strive to do, “all for the greater honor and glory of God.” I’ve found that coloring helps me clear my mind, tap into my creative source and be closer to God.  In my daily life, I’ve found this old pastime to always bring new joys, which is a gift.  I hope you can do the same as you choose to tap into your creative experiences.

Sister Ann Marie Emon

Sr. Ann Marie Emon

“Once a teacher, always a teacher,” says Sr. Ann Marie Emon who spent many years in the education ministry teaching Junior High and High School in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. Today Sr. Ann Marie finds the time she ministers as a computer lab assistant at the Thomas Wernert Center very rewarding. The Center provides recovery and support for people with a mental illness.

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