Sister M. Rosine Sobczak, OSF

Sister Rosalma Kmiec, OSF
March 24, 2022
Sister Adrienne Urban, OSF
March 28, 2022

Meet Sister M. Rosine Sobczak, OSF

Date of Birth:



Toledo, Ohio

First Profession:



In 1964, Sister began a lifelong ministry in education teaching grades 1 – 8 in OH and MI, then returned to university to study Biology and Chemistry. She returned to the classroom in 1975, serving as an Associate Professor at Lourdes until 2019, as Div. Chair of Natural Math Science from 1983-92, and Biology Dept. Chair twice, and, from 1999-2012, as the Life Lab Coordinator. Sister continues her care for creation ministry as President of S.A.V.E., an environmental scientific organization she co-founded.

We are all in this together: Sister’s reverence for the natural world resonates spiritually. Like Pope Francis, she’s fascinated by the integral ecology of our existence. Throughout life she’s watched with delight as the wonders and mysteries of God become better known by man. In her eagerness, she quotes Luke 12:49: “I have come to light a fire on the earth, and how I wish it were kindled already!”

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