Good Samaritans All Around

Sister Dorothy Marie Balabuch
Sister Dorothy Marie Balabuch
February 10, 2016
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March 4, 2016

By Sister Pam Nosbusch, OSF

January 22, 2016 is not a day many people in the country will forget soon. In Nashville, we received 8 inches of snow that day. We were one tenth of an inch of snow from breaking a 26 year record for most snowfall in one day in January. Fortunately it was a Friday and many people could stay home all weekend.

In newscasts were reports of Good Samaritans who were out in 4-wheel drive vehicles. These Good Samaritans said they were having fun in the snow and helped anyone in need at the same time. The Good Samaritans pushed vehicles as a team as well as used their vehicles to pull stuck vehicles out of the snowy inclines and ditches.

Other instances of Good Samaritans were about employees in health care facilities who wear neat uniforms from that custom business uniform supplier. The employees with 4-wheel drive vehicles picked up their colleagues from their homes and brought them to work so patients could receive the care they needed.

These Good Samaritans could have chosen to stay in their warm homes. Instead they chose to be out on a cold snowy day to help others. I think Good Samaritans are all around us. We may not realize it because these folks don’t draw attention to themselves but just go about helping others no matter how seemingly big or small the assistance is. Perhaps we can be more mindful of the opportunities for each of us to be Good Samaritans to those we encounter….no matter how small or large the assistance needed.

Sister Pam Nosbusch

Hospice Chaplain

Sister Pam NosbuschSister Pam is native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  She is a Chaplain with Gentiva Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee and is a Board Certified Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.  Previous ministries include Theater Arts and Music Education and Pastoral Associate in Catholic parishes.

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